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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby cap, booties and diaper cover set in crochet

A friend wanted a baby shower gift and asked if I could make a newborn set...  SURE I said, how HARD can it be?  The new parents are NY fans apparently and asked if it could be sort of baseball(ish). I did the brim in white.

Well, it's super easy :) Here's what I made: 


I made up the pattern as I sat at my kitchen table with a newborn diaper a friend gave me.  I added a simple flat white button in the middle of the front and triple crocheted long bits to wrap around and you can make it wider or thinner by just buttoning through the triple stitches, rather brilliant I thought.  

I am writing out the pattern and it'll be available as a .PDF in the Etsy store

Or you can buy it from the blog, through paypal, just message/email me for details.. 

I will also be selling the pre-made set if you're not a crochet type ;) 

It's my mission this weekend to get it done, fingers crossed!  I will be writing patterns while my house is full of teenage boys celebrating Connor's 14th birthday, sure, hardly a distraction at all! HAHA  I love a full house so either way, it's going to be a great weekend. 


Sunday, January 13, 2013


A friend of mine turned 40 this weekend.  I made her a tutu ;)  EVERYone needs a tutu when they turn 40.  I am going to make myself one for around the house because it turned out so great.  I figure if I have to clean the house, I'm going to clean the house looking fierce!

Simple 'do'.  I cut a piece of wide elastic at 20 inches and sewed 12 inches of ribbon to each end that way it could be tied on tight or loose.  I bought the tulle on a roll at Walmart, 6 inches by 25 yards.  This tutu took 4 of them, I wanted it very very poofy.  I cut the strips about 12 inches long and slip tied them on the elastic until it was the right poofy volume.  I tied small black bows sporadically around the skirt, half way down the strips for some interest.  I took the cutoffs and made a quick fascinator, just tied the strips on a $1.00 headband.  

Dramatic, fun and enormous bang for your buck!  Here's a couple beauty shots.  I'm waiting for the OK from the party girl to post pictures of her in it.  She looked adorable and wore it the whole party, there's not much higher praise :) 

The base of the tutu is fuscia.

These are fun and easy.  Go make one! (or 20)