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Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Made A Cabled Beanie


My Etsy store took off over Christmas with those beanies and beards.  I'll be honest, I got a little bit sick of them so I looked around my stash to find something to entertain me that wasn't just straight line knitting.  I found a couple of skeins of Bernat Roving, a wool/acrylic blend just thick enough to make one heck of a warm hat and just soft enough to make cables positively luscious.  I ball (100g/3.5oz) makes TWO of these hats!

I found a number of patterns and sort of had all the pictures that I liked open and morphed them to get this version for me.

For the knitters out there, I am on Ravelry as Tracyloopers, come see my stuff. Here is the same link to this post with the pictures!

I am still working on pattern requests so if you've asked me, don't fret, I AM getting to them.

Here is my version of

QUICK CHUNKY CABLED BEANIE (easy and free pattern)

a QUICK knit in Bernat Roving on 8MM 16" circulars

with 6.5 MM needles, CO 46
Knit  K2P2 ribbing for 10 rows
switch to larger needles for last row

INC to 72 stitches evenly around.

ROW 1, 2:  P2 K4 around
ROW 3:  P2 C4F around
ROW 4,5,6:  P2 K4 around
ROW 7, 8:  P2 K4 around
ROW 9:  P2 C4F around
ROW 10, 11, 12:  P2 K4 around
ROW 13:  P2 K2 K2TOG around
ROW 14:  P2 K3 around (I switched to DPNS here)
ROW 15:  P2TOG K1 around
ROW 16-end:  K2TOG until 3 stitches left on dpns, cut yarn , put in yarn needle, pull through stitches and weave in.


Now, if you want it slouchier (yes, that is a word) then I'd just repeat the cable pattern (rows 1-6) a third time then decrease.

I'd love to see what you made, let me know if the pattern doesn't make sense or just to hear from you would also rock :)

Happy knitting!