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Friday, November 9, 2012

Quick Crochet Newborn Hat Pattern

Ok, don't blink. This is fast, easy, straightforward and exactly the cutest thing ever to present to any new mom who is going to take those cutie pie pictures of their newborn babies in those beautiful cute hats.

QUICKIE Newborn Hat Pattern

With 100% Cotton yarn and an "F" hook,

1.  Chain enough stitches to equal the circumference of a baby head, newborn is about 12 inches. (that's 40 stitches the way I crochet.  I'm a bit of a loose hooker :)

2.  Join the chain in a round, careful not to twist, and join with a slst

3.  HDC in continuous rounds until it's about 4 tall.

4.  finish by sk 1 stitch at end of round and slst.

5.  sc around 1 round.

6.  IF you want ear flaps, they are 7 stitches wide, start with a ch2 then do 6 DC , 3 rows of DC and then sc around the whole hat.

Easy, peasy, adorable!


OK, so old Steve is the only doll we could find in the house, he has an unfortunate shaped head but hey, it gives you the idea. 

Increase the circumference of the hat by size of the child head, basically it's a square so keep your ruler handy and basically match width and height.  

The tassels are 22 turns around my hand, cut and tied by hand, these are newborn hats so I'm not exactly concerned about them being pulled out and eaten.  You can secure them more for older babies. 

I hope you make these, many of these.  I have orders for white, yellow and brown with a chicken face.  These are easy to embellish and quick and easy to whip up. 

Make some. 


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