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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Paper Snowflakes

Giant Paper Snowflakes

We make these every year and have for as long as I can remember. They are giant paper snowflakes and they look so very cool hanging from everywhere. I like them hung in numbers. It's dramatic and it's one piece of paper per snowflake, easy, fantastic.

Here's the pictorial play by play to make these:

1.  Take a square piece of paper (we use printer paper, any colored paper would work too)
2.  Fold it corner to corner
3. Hold the paper fold side down and fold it left point to right point
4.  Make 3 or 4 cuts from the bottom (up toward the folded side but do NOT cut through) Leave about 1/2 inch uncut.
5.  Unfold the paper.
6.  Roll the first set of points toward each other, form a tube and tape.
7.  Leave the next set of points flat and roll the third set, tape shut.  Flip the whole thing over and roll/tape the points you left flat.  You'll end up with two tubes on each side.
8.  Make 5 more, stack the long end points on top of each other and staple.
9. I staple the taped "X" together mid way to secure the star.

I have a play by play pictorial instruction here:

Use colored paper, add glitter or designs to the paper, one side or both. The possibilities are ENDLESS. 
Show me the flakes you make!!

Happy Snowflaking!



  1. I'm definitely going to make one, I'm sure my 4 yo DD would lovey it. Found your blog on Ravelry. Thanks much!

  2. hope you covered your house ;) they are lovely to have around all year ;)