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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Denim Quilt or Rug or Throw or Cover

I had a pile of old jeans.  I cut the legs off and the seams off and the hem off.  I cut the remaining strips 6 inches wide and just squared the short ends.

I sewed all of them together, short sides to make one ridiculously long strip.

I cut it into 60 inch lengths and pieced it together ensuring no seams met.  I sewed the seams open.

I folded it into quarters, rotary cut it square and serged around the edge.

I'm trying to figure out whether to make it a rug or a throw.  I am currently washing a twin flat sheet that is going to be sewn on the back.

Quick.  Easy.  Comfy.  Recycled.  Upcycled.

Merry Christmas

There's a rather insane pile of "cut off's" in my sewing room.

The strips cut to length before the re-attachment

This is sweet... I really prefer this to square blocks

Um, perhaps the quilt should be a rug?

Quick, easy, seriously satisfying, upcycle, recycle one day project!

Go tear up some jeans!


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