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Friday, December 30, 2011

It's come back from the ashes, with help from a dear friend

Cindy came over, I was getting sick of trying to clean up the mess from the fire on my own.  It became a little overwhelming.

The woman is a whirlwind.  We're back in the saddle!

I have a pristine, steam cleaned craft space.  I hope to be inspired and brilliant.  I've had lovely emails and notes from many of you and I wanted to say thank you so very very much.  We are a small group here but man, it's the best group.

Check out my rockin' rollin' pin cushion.  I'd made it a while back and it was the only 'completed' project that was saved.  It gets a place of honor!!


/thank you so very very much,

Monday, December 26, 2011

I hate halogen lamps

there's been a fire in my craft room. 
crafts will be delayed






Thursday, December 22, 2011

Denim Quilt or Rug or Throw or Cover

I had a pile of old jeans.  I cut the legs off and the seams off and the hem off.  I cut the remaining strips 6 inches wide and just squared the short ends.

I sewed all of them together, short sides to make one ridiculously long strip.

I cut it into 60 inch lengths and pieced it together ensuring no seams met.  I sewed the seams open.

I folded it into quarters, rotary cut it square and serged around the edge.

I'm trying to figure out whether to make it a rug or a throw.  I am currently washing a twin flat sheet that is going to be sewn on the back.

Quick.  Easy.  Comfy.  Recycled.  Upcycled.

Merry Christmas

There's a rather insane pile of "cut off's" in my sewing room.

The strips cut to length before the re-attachment

This is sweet... I really prefer this to square blocks

Um, perhaps the quilt should be a rug?

Quick, easy, seriously satisfying, upcycle, recycle one day project!

Go tear up some jeans!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

TeeShag Ripple Rug

Recycled, upcycled, teeshirts.
Cotton duck backing
A plan
one ornament teeshag ripple rug




the white topper is going to be glittered.  It is a separate piece, attached by velcro on the back so you can unchristmas your rag rug! 


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fabric (tee) Poinsettias

Here's how I make fabric poinsettias.  I make a lot of teeshirt craft things and as a result, I have an enormous pile of sleeves.  This is how I'm putting them to use. (BY THE WAY, you can make these out of any fabric you like, felt is also fantastic!!)

Lay out your sleeve (it's still together so it's double thickness).  I free draw some leaves with my sewing machine.  They're not perfect but they don't have to be, just wing it.  If you're not comfortable free sewing then feel free to draw out your leaves and follow your drawing.  When you're done, cut them out leaving a little bit around the edge.
I use a couple of pieces of green felt for the back ground leaves.  Throw them together however you like and sew a little vein on them too although they'll be buried so you won't really see it.  The trick here is to be FREE!

Add the leaves, one at a time and "scribble" sew them on, overlap them and "draw" new veins to connect them.  

Adding more... I scribble sew some circles in the middle to keep it supported.  Here you go, pretty messy but it doesn't matter, we're going to cover it up!

Here's my two waiting for their bright yellow rose centers. For each center rosette, cut a strip of teeshirt 10 inches long and about an inch wide, they curl, that's fine.  Make a knot in one end and start rolling and twisting the knot clockwise.  Twist the strip as it goes around.  *I am going to make a video of this but don't have enough hands at the moment*  Glue the rose every couple of twists to be sure it stays together.  Be FREE!!!  :)

The rosette will look like this.  I glue the end to the bottom of it to keep it out of the way.  Trim the back flat(ish) and hot glue it to the center of your poinsettia. I press down hard with the heel of my hand to flatten it a bit and ensure a good seal.  Voila!

the second one

Toss them on a table for decorations, use them individually on chargers for a little pop of color or sew them all together (which I'm going to do) to make a table runner/centerpiece.  I'll post pics when it's done but I wanted to get the play by play up.


Please send me pictures of the ones you make!!  I love to see the creativity! 

Merry Christmas!