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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby Rag Quilt

A little white flannel, square 36x36, unfilled but double thick, exposed seam, rag quilt.  It's in the Etsy store   but I wanted to put it here too.

It started as 7 inch squares but when you seam and then wash/dry it, they came down to an even 6" each.  I cut the squares, sandwiched them and then ran an 'X' in the middle of each double square to keep it from shifting.  I sewed 6 squares in a row then sewed the 6 rows together.  Exposed seams on one side, flat on the other.  I snipped all the seams and around the edge and then washed and dried it twice in a hot wash and hot dryer to be sure it's reached the most shrunk it'll be.  "most shrunk"? is that a word? it's shrunk.  shrunken?  oh good grief now I'm obsessing about it.  IN any event, it's ridiculously soft and cuddly and the snipped seams are puffy and fuzzy.

Here are the beauty shots:


The only difficult (read tedious) part is the snipping of the seams, but you can do it while you sit and weatch tv and trust me, you'll want to take breaks!  

It's still a cute, easy, project. 

/happy sewing!