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Monday, October 17, 2011

Tshag Rugs

So, the tshirt thing is crazy fun, crazy hard, crazy interesting and makes me feel crazy creative.  All good things! My etsy store has had reasonable success right out of the gate, which delights me.  The rugs seem to be a big hit and I finished another one today.    Here's the beauty shots.  It's 48x32 oval.  Grey and white.  All reclaimed tshirts on cotton duck backing.  Preshrunk and serged around the edge.  I am delighted with how they're coming out.

Here's the store:

and these are the beauty shots!


I have a 'shades of black' and a red ornament on order and am excited to go cut tshirts into little pieces them sew them back together.

/go make something!


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