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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rag Quilt, Christmas Bobble Ornament for baby

 It's finally less than 90 degrees in Austin.  YAY for Fall!  Ok, it was 90 yesterday but today, they claim, it's ONLY going to be 80.  That's sweatshirt and scarf weather down here.

I know, that's very very sad but the cooler weather delights me because it means there's more cooking going to happen.  It also means more sewing is going to happen too,

Fall makes me think of cuddling on couches under flannel blankets while the wind howls and the rain beats against windows.  Ok, I'm a closet Canadian weather romantic but it's what I think of when the temperatures dip.

I searched through my stash today thinking I needed to think about Christmas projects.  Projects that will be gifts and others that'll be posted on Etsy.  Today's incarnation is the latter.

It's a wacky flannel Christmas bobble baby cuddler rag quilt!  I'm going to pop it on Etsy but wanted to show it off here... it's cuddly and adorable and was really fast to whip up.  I'm making an all white one now.

Here's the link to the store:

here's the back and front shots, a rather fine job if I say so myself :)

I'll post directions when I have longer than 3 minutes to sit here.


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