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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The TShirt Pixie Coats

My current projects...  

I'm making custom Tpixie Coats from chopped up tshirts. I'm completely loving them.  The first one is in progress still but I really love the colors and it might be my most favorite one so far.




Love the more monochromatic, this is black and grey although the terrible camera makes it look much paler than it is.

The red and white...  can't decide whether to chop it up, sell it or donate it to a fundraiser, it's a bit extreme for me and i feel like Santa :0


from the tshirts, I'm also making kid hats (pics to follow) arm warmers (again, pics to follow) leg warmers (totally cool) and the rugs below.  

It's keeping me busy and I'm loving the creation of the things. 


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