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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tudor baby hat

A work in progress.  After redoing my Pixie Hat and realizing I didn't know anyone small enough for it; I had a dream about a hat.  No, really I did.  Since the dream, I have set about recreating it.  I made a (very very badly knit) version on larger needled with scratchy yarn just to get it out of my head and was pleased with the overall theory of it.  I figured it out on paper and with a few trial swatches and voila, I've mastered it and it's exactly what my head saw.  This one is all me!

I have two little girl models waiting in the wings and this is how it's going so far.  I am writing down my pattern as it comes out of me and following it exactly.  I will post it on my Etsy page when it's finished.  

I am loving how it's coming together!

I am doing it flat and there will be a seam down the back which I might decorate up to enhance or blind seam to hide.  I will also do a version on double points to see how that works, I'm just afraid of my math, hence the flat version first.

I'll keep you posted.


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