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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tshirt Shag Rug

There are few things so lovely to step onto after a shower or whenever you're in bare feet than a thick, yummy, shag rug.  If you then make the shag rug out of upcycled teeshirts, it's all the better. 

I live in Texas, it's been 105 for weeks.  I live in bare feet and have a tiled floor.  I am in serious need of soft and squishy.

You can toss this thing into the washer and dryer.  Just shake it and stretch it back into whatever shape you need.  It's a wonderful, wonderful thing. 

Want instructions?  

Here they are:  

Take one teeshirt and fold it, serge the edges to be the size of a rug you'd like.

Rotary cut teeshirts into 2x3 inch rectangles.  I can't give you amounts, it depends on what size rug you want.

I sewed the rectangles together through the middles, squished, into very long pieces.  I attached them to the pencil lines.

Voila, very happy toe making t-shag rug!  I'll be putting it on Etsy in the not too distant future, I'll update the link here.  In the meantime, think about your happy feet in this rug!



Email me if you are interested in custom colors or sizes and we can talk ;) 


Oh I'm making one in red, it's fantastic!  :)

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