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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pixie Teeshirt Coat - FINISHED!


I figured out how to make a sweet reclaimed sweater coat...we are in Texas, it's a 100+stupid degrees still so the coat, is out of reclaimed teeshirts.  It's fantastic!  I'll be posting it on Etsy but wanted to show you the shots, there's a few tweaks i'm going to add but I'm so thrilled with it, I had to post it now.

This still needs the belt/tie and I think I am going to add an additional row on the bottom, I'll rummage the spouse's closet, he'll never know ;)

thanks to Katwise on Etsy for the inspiration!!

I have an order already for an all white one and a purple kid version which will probably be floor length.  I'm going to be busy in my sewing room for the next little bit, hopefully I'll generate enough to be able to find alternate lodging for all my crafty stuff and hold classes again, we'll see...fingers crossed.  In the interim; here's the coat!


more finished shots to come!

OK, we're done.  It has a double tie at the neck, black and white and an extra long tie at the waist. It's extra "twirly" with just shy of 200 inches around the bottom hem.  Extra long Aline sleeves.

Super long pointed patched hood for wrapping like a giant cowl, I'm into cowls. nice view of the butt with the hood lifted and slung over the shoulder. Wide hood with embroidered edge.

with the "tail" wrapped around the neck and as well just draped down the front to add to the 'swingy'.


If you can't stand the exposed serged seams (as my hubba pointed out) you can wear it inside out!  or would that be outside in?

I totally love this coat.  I have orders for more already and will be selling them on Etsy, custom  (my Etsy store is  TracyLoopers).  They are fun, floaty and just right for Texas.

Oh and I do realize my dress form is actually a male.  I named him Phillip.  I tried to put a bra on him and stuff him up so that he could wear the coats better but he ended up looking like a headless transvestite and I collapsed in laughter and could barely make it out of the room.  No, Phillip won't be 'altered' I'll just have to find me a girl.

Email me for any more information on the coats  ""

/happy thursday

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