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Monday, August 1, 2011

Pixie Hat

There are a million free pixie hat patterns, this is my favorite.  It's an oldie but a goodie.  I don't remember where I found it but I'm sure there's no copyright anymore.  It's incredibly simple, straight knit and purl. 
Cast on 50 (or any number divisible by 4+2)

This was on 6.5mm bamboo needles with Love This Yarn (worsted) in pale lilac.  I took the pictures in two locations which is why it looks different colors. 

k2p2 ribbing for 4 rows

row 5: k6 (p2k2 until there's 6 left) k6
row 6: p6 (k2p2 until there's 6 left) p6
row 7: same as row 5

row 8:  k8 (p2k2 until there's 8 left) k8
row 9: p8 (k2p2 until there's 8 left) p8
row 10:  same as row 8

Get it?  It's a 3 row pattern increasing by 2 each set

Continue until row 34 in this manner.  

row 35: k entire row
row 36: p entire row
row 37: k/bind off row

Sew this edge together, the sewn edge becomes the top seam of the pixie hat.



I don't have a head to put in it with me ;)  Sorry.  I will update the pics when I get it ON a little head!


It's an easy hat, a quick one and an incredibly cute one!  Let me know if the instructions are too convoluted.  I'm going to look for the real pattern and link it. 


Found a link!  WAY better instructions than out of my head  ;) 

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