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Monday, July 25, 2011

A quick curtain fix

Connor's walls are peeling, cracking and the corner tape it coming up.  It looks like hell.  The whole house is actually cracked so there's not a door that closes or a wall that's square left.  As a result, well one of the many results, is that Connor's room looks like a hovel and he hates being in there.  His curtain rods popped completely out of one wall so I ripped (*unceremoniously and in quite a fury) the remaining curtain down and tossed it and the rod a few months ago.  His remaining curtain rod balanced precariously on the middle hook that was put in to support the middle of the rod, both end supports having also popped out of shifting walls.

Poor kid.

On Saturday he asked me if we could DO something about the hellish state of the house and the walls because it was 'uncomfortable being here'.  Nice.  For reasons unknown, we are not currently even addressing the cracks, holes, uplifted floors that we trip over or doors that won't close.  I don't think a kid should have to live in a place that makes him unhappy and since I can't (currently) move us, I can create him a little spot to make him happy.  I have a sewing machine and time and relative knowledge.  C'mon kiddo, mama's gonna hook you up! 

Coupons in hand, we headed to Joann.  He picked out a print, we think it looks like atoms, and a solid.  All him.  We drove home and I hemmed both sides of the 8 yards of print fabric.  Then I cut it into the correct sized pieces, serged and did a 2 inch hem on the bottom, serged and did a 3 inch pocket, divided into 2 1 1/2 inch pockets on the top.  We used a simple 'u' rod for the top, mounted 2 inches from the ceiling.

$28.00 = the start of giving kiddo a spot that doesn't LOOK like it's falling apart or make him feel like we can never leave because no one will buy a broken house.  It's a little thing but I did it for him, with him (he ironed and sewed a couple seams) and I'm working on a soft sculpture from the remaining fabric for the walls then we're going to cut up vinyl atoms on the cricut for the walls.  I have to make the rest of the teeshirt yarn and I'll crochet him a softie rug from the white, blue and brown teeshirts and hopefully, he'll be slightly happier *even though his door won't actually shut. 






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