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Monday, June 27, 2011

Crochet Ivy

I've done it. I've been working on the pattern for the ivy leaves and after many annoying hours and days and weeks, I have it. Look!

Sure the quality of the pictures could be better but I'm excited to get at least something up here! I'm writing the pattern out and it'll be available for a token on my Etsy account, details to follow, watch this space, or email me directly at

These will ultimately be part of the package sent to "forest for the trees". I managed to figure it out spending time with the Austin Knitting and Crochet Meetup, we met at Panera South and giggling at a table of women with sticks and hooks really helps get the creative juices flowing. I'm going to be a regular there now!

I've got a pattern to write, photograph and convert, watch this space for the update and information.