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Monday, March 7, 2011

a springtime bouquet, mini roses

The Gnomes needed somewhere lovely to I made them a flower garden.

I mean, really, can you be a happy gnome withOUT a beautiful rose garden in a shot glass? I think not. I rather like these little roses. I'll be honest, I'm not generally a fan of mini things but I'm currently enthralled by my little gnomes and mini roses.

I think we all need a little bouquet in our lives while it's still winter in so many places and they bring a little bit of joy and happy. They also only take a few minutes to whip up; the combo of cute and easy makes these hard to resist!!

Here's the mini rose:

4ply worsted yarn (I like "Love This Yarn") and a F(3.75mm) hook. A larger hook will give you a larger rose of course

ch 23;
*2hdc in second chain from hook;
slst in next stitch;
repeat from * 2hdc in last two stitches.

Leave long tail and sew as you roll the rose in a tight spiral

I'm not happy with any of my leaves at the moment but will figure out 'my' leaf! and will report back. I'm a fan of the one color bouquet but make your garden as bright and colorful as you wish! Just be sure the bouquet is an odd number and please, for me, no blue! Like my distaste for blue food, I'm not a fan of blue flowers.

I make as many little roses and leaves as I feel the need for, twist them tightly together and plunk them into a shotglass, the tail yarn helps hold the flowers up and adds a splash of color underneath, ya, it's cute too.

I keep my mini bouquets in shot glasses ;) Where do you keep yours??

Send me pics or links, I want to SEE your gardens!! I'll link from here!



ADDENDUM! : Ok, I figured out some leaves I really like!

in green, use the same hook you used for the flowers

sc in 2nd stitch from hook
dc in next stitch
hdc in next stitch
dc in next stitch
sc in last stitch

chain 1, turn

sc in 2nd stitch from hook
dc in next stitch
hdc in next stitch
dc in next stitch
sc in last stitch

ch1 and pull yarn through to make a point.

weave in "point" end down middle of leaf, use starting tail end to attach to project

they're adorable! I'll post more pictures later. at the moment, i'm sitting in a coffee shop with my hooks, yarn and a netbook.

ok I figured it out... here's the pale yellow, 5bud, with 5 of the new leaves. i think they're adorable!! pale purple next!