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Sunday, February 27, 2011

GNOMES! *for all seasons

So, yes, I'm back to gnome land. I don't think you can ever really have too many wine cork gnomes. I did a few at Christmas, they rocked. I was recently featured on the facebook page of The Art of Crochet by Teresa (my hero) and there were my little Christmas gnome dudes. Now then, she made the faux pas of suggesting St. Patricks Day gnomes and here I was with a couple of cups of coffee in me, a quiet house and some yarn :) Then I pondered...what about Easter gnomes too??? Ya, it sort of deteriorated from there. Oh and for the record, my friend Suzanne (with whom I was spending quality skype crochet time) is the one who suggested the village. Yeah, she's full of great ideas like that!

This is is how I spent some quality Sunday morning time:

The pattern is the same for each "outfit"

Do a magic circle and sc 6 (6)
2 sc in each sc (12)
sc in back stich in each sc (12)
sc for an additional 2 rounds (12)
fasten off, sew in edges

The hat is whatever you want! I made the st.patricks day hat by using the same pattern but then instead of ending after the two rounds, I did a final round of 2sc in each dc in the front loop only to make the brim. The shamrock is the tiniest circles I could cut from felt with a teensie weensie piece strip of felt which is precariously balance/glued on the hat. Yes, I had to pull out my tweesers!

The easter bunny hat is the same as the base but I started with 4 in the magic circle and only increased to 8 then did a few extra rounds. The ears are a few no chain hdc stitches, until it was the length I liked, 3 maybe? that's how the point happened I did a sc at the end and it worked out that way.

The summer hat/sombrero was a bad combination of increases and I will have to sit and figure out how I did it... it was a random moment where I was chatting and mindlessly crocheting and then realized it suddenly looked like a lovely spring hat for a cork gnome, you know, like you do.

I LOVE my little gnomes and will most certainly adding to my village....thanks for coming by to peek ;)


p.s. i made the gnomes some bouquets...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

EMBROIDERY and the Brother SE400

Ok, so since my wrist is still aching from massive crochet sessions, and my sewing machine and serger have been calling to me, I have been locking myself in my sewing room lately. I made some tapestry totes which I tossed up on Etsy (

Last week, *GASP* IT came! the Brother se400. It's a beautiful thing and it embroiders beautifully.

I'm taking on jobs already and fear it may take over my life, oh wait, that'd be a great thing.

Here's some samples of what's happened so far:

I'd post more and write out the patterns and work on my crochet but, um, I hear it calling me!!