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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's my party and I'll hide if I want to!

It's my birthday today!! Yay for me!

Hubba has decided, for reasons unknown, to spoil me rotten this year and it's not even one of the "big" ones. You know, the 5's and 10's. You've gotta love being surprised big when it's not a biggie!

He was excited to find the 'perfect' gift but equally upset that it's "not in stock" at the best price location. He has assured me the moment it's IN stock, it's mine! *YAY* insert happy dance here.

THIS, by the way, is "IT":

Wow, I'm not one to argue about being spoiled so when I opened the birthday card and found the picture of the machine, I smiled sweetly then danced around the kitchen with my morning coffee, then I think I whoop whoop'd much to the equal delight and horror of Connor, who is 11 and regularly questions my ability to control myself and is pretty steadily mortified by me, much to my delight!

Yes, I used my amazon gift card already to buy accessories for it, thread and stabilizer. I've spent my birthday alone at my computer watching 'how to' videos for the machine and I'm ready...I wonder how long it'll be out of stock until I burst into flames for waiting?

Is it later yet?


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