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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last Loopers! Class of the season but still alot of work to do!

The last Loopers! class of the season.

It’s the last Loopers! class in Austin, Texas, this semester and I’m really sad. I had hoped to offer summer camp/s again this year, but couldn’t find a location to use. Classes will resume in the fall and I’m going to try to get into schools other than Patton Elementary. I’m going to try to do a class at Clint Small Middle School, at Mills Elementary and we’ll see if any other locations present themselves.

Just because there’s no Loopers! class, doesn’t mean we aren’t still Loopers! and we need to keep working on our skills so I am going to get us working on a summer project. I’m doing a shoutout to all the Loopers! kids, present and past! The American Cancer Society needs hats, we all know about the chemo cap projects. Everyone makes chemo caps for moms and little girls and a young woman… no one makes them for the boys, for the dads for the young men. I’m asking all the Loopers! to make boy caps! teenage caps! man caps! cool for the guys caps!!

I have a contact in the Society that’ll make sure our man/boy caps get to those who need it. We will do a collection of what’s been made in August and we’ll do the presentation then.

I’m very very proud of this session of Loopers! A great group of kids with dedication, hard work and a whole lot of talent and I’ll miss working with you guys every week.

We’ll stay in touch here and I’ll post the flower pattern and a detail on the hdc for the hat we’re all making! - give me a couple of days to get it organized!!