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Sunday, April 25, 2010

That girl needs a HAT!

A larger hat, DC with big bulky yarn

I held my first online webcam class today, it was a great success. I didn't yell and my student/victim didn't weep!! This is the pattern that evolved out of the conversation, the futzing, the trial and error... it's a pretty classic pattern with a classic amigurumi increase but it worked beautifully.

I am HOPING that dear Suz will model her had for me *OK wish granted and if she wasn't 1,958 miles away from me she'd be my number one hat model*

BEAUTIFUL! just keep adding rows to get the supercool uber funky slouchy look.

Ok, here we go;

Giant, bulky, fuzzy yummy yarn! “J” hook!!
This cloche is crocheted in the round, no turning, just go and go and go and voila! It’s a hat!

The number at the end of the row in brackets is the total number of stitches you should have.


Ch 3
6 DC in first stitch (second from hook)
Place marker at hook
*(2 DC in the hole/space of each DC) around to a total of 12 stitches (12)
Move marker up to this row
*(1 dc in first stitch, 2 dc in next stitch) all the way around (18)
Move marker up to this row
*(1dc in first stitch, 1dc in second stitch, 2dc in third stitch) all the way around (24)
Move marker
*(dc in each around) (24)
Move marker
*(1dc in first, 1dc in second, 1dc in third, 2dc in fourth) all the way around (30)
Also written (dc,dc,dc,2dc)
Move marker
*(1dc in frst, 1dc in second, 1dc in third, 1dc in fifth, 2dc in fifth) (36)
Move marker
*(dc in 5, 2dc in next) all the way around! (42)
Move marker
*(dc in each around) (42)

Take a moment and try it on your head…depending on how loose you crochet, how bulky and stretchy the yarn is, all this will determine the size of your beautiful creation! It will grow in width without increasing. It’s all about the yarn and the hook at this point, remember, it will stretch! 42 seams to work for an adult.

If it’s too small, do another round of increase, (DC in 6, dc in next)

Continue to DC in the hole/space in each DC until the hat is the size you like.

When you’re happy with the length, do a SC in each stitch around, when you end, skip one stitch and do a sc, cut your yarn, pull it through the loop and sew/weave it in. Voila! It’s a hat!

coordinating worsted weight harn

Ch 3
6SC in first stitch (second from hook)
2SC in each stitch (12)
5DC in each SC (60)
SC in each SC (60)
Skip stitch, sc in next, ch1, cut yarn, pull through loop, weave in ends
(add another round, 3DC in each SC to get a larger, fuller flower)

Sew onto hat by using a beautiful large button in the middle.

You can also make a smaller flower and lay it inside the first and stitching them together. To make a smaller flower, start the same, CH3, 6SC in first stitch, then 4DC in each SC (24), sc in each around (24) skip stitch, sc in next, ch1, cut yarn, pull through loop, weave in ends and attach to center of larger flower.

ANOTHER cool way to make a flower


*2sc in each st to end, ch1, turn

Repeat until it’s big and floppy (at least 9 rows), spiral and middle to twist into a flower and stitch to secure

(again, I will get pics added!)

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