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Friday, January 15, 2010

Hot pattern from last LOOPERS! session: I had told the girls I'd post pics of their fabulous lilac mp3 player holder bags (one was designed for a hamster!?) I'm so proud of what they made and I've seen more than one of them out in the world sporting their creations. I happen to know of one girl who made a couple as gifts, well done!!!

January 2010 LOOPERS! is filling up fast already! I sent a flier with grades 3,4,and 5 at Patton Elementary School Wednesday. I posted to my FB page (I'm a shameless addict) and sent an email to the 'old guard' and have already have 10 enrolled. We LOVE that. Not to worry, we're already working to add an second weekly class if need be. No one gets left behind on MY watch!

A message to the home school crowd, if there's enough interest, I am more than happy to conduct a daytime LOOPERS! class specifically for you, email me for more information or to arrange that.

I've decided this session is going to be crochet. There's boys enrolled this time and I think they'd prefer it, crochet is also so much faster and I want this new group to be enthralled by the instant gratification.

I'm supplying yarn, color to be determined and hooks. Steel for the new gang and bamboo for the old guard.

I'll keep updates posted here, see you in LOOPERS! class SOON!

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