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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Notice to returning (and new) LOOPERS!

It's that time again, another session starts Monday (January 26th, 2008) in the art portable at Patton. I am excited to welcome girls from other schools this next session, we're famous for our fun!! I'm also absolutely thrilled we are still going so strong. I wanted to clarify that yes, we will be running all skill levels simultaneously (because chaos makes me happy!).

Beginners start with finger knitting, move to casting on and off, then move to straight knitting. Level 2 adds alternate casting on methods, adds purling and we talk about patterns. Level 3 is more free form, free-knitting, working with patterns and now the addition of Looms as a tool for yarn craft. (the Looms are a HUGE hit and although I don't supply looms to go home, they are free to use them the entire session and complete a project on them) I intend to introduce crochet and some weaving as well to those interested who are in class at Level 3.

A number of you have already re-registered and I'm really excited to take the returning kids to a new level and introduce some new yarny craftiness.

Here is my housekeeping list:

IF your daughter is planning on returning Monday and have not yet sent a registration, please shoot me a quick email so I have sufficient supplies on Monday. You can bring registration and fee on Monday if you are returning however I do require advance notice.

Please have the girls bring their sticks if they are returning (if they can find them :))))

PLANS ARE WELL UNDERWAY TO RUN A WEEK LONG LOOPERS! TEXTILE CRAFT CAMP this summer, I anticipate a week of textile crafts (including basic sewing), recycled crafts (AlteredReality uses for old clothes and bedsheets) as well as the yarn crafts such as knit, crochet, looming, weaving. Please email us if you are interested in more information. No dates are set yet but plans are in the works. We anticipate the camp filling quickly but will try to give loads of notice. Watch this spot for more informatation

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